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Twice The Power of both father and son

The Tzadikim of Zhvill


The holy graves of The Tzadikim of Zhvill have long been the address for all those who seek salvation. Hundreds of people, from all sections of society, visit daily the grave of Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, near The Knesset in Jerusalem, and the grave of the father, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, at Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives).

The Promise made by R' Shlomo of Zhvill

The Promise made by R' Shlomo of Zhvill

The Tzadik of Zhvill promised salvation from above, to all those who contribute to their holy institutions. The Promise is being kept for many generations, and continues to emanate miracles even nowadays.

The Tzadim of Zhvill will pledge for you too!

"Carry on my deeds in this world, and I shall pledge for you in the next world".

Rebbe Shlomke keeps his promise, in this world and in the next one. A simple promise which beheld salvation for tens of thousands ever since.

Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill left this world with a single promise – which makes a difference in the lives of many.

A phenomenon without counterpart

Rebbe Shlomke's powers of salvation are considered uncanny in the entire Jewish tradition. Hundreds, thousands and many more beheld their own salvation, after carrying out the Rebbe's request – donate to his holy institutions, and allowing him to keep bringing benevolence to all who seek it.

The Promise of Rebbe Shlomke allows you to be his partner in salvaging the lives of thousands. A fixed donation to his holy institutions, entitles you for great spiritual privilege, feeling of blessed peace, and having a true advocate by your side – in this world and in the next one.

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