Two Deals that Opened the Gate

I own a popular real estate firm. Thank God, we own a very good reputation, and for nearly a decade I'm making a living of it, and manage to support two more employees.But in the last four months, work started to dry out. We had no explanation for it, but we just were not able to execute any deals. Of course as a result of that, I fell into a financial upheaval. The firm's expenses continued to flow: salaries, rent, property tax, and maintenance, and added to that were also my personal, home expenses – with zero revenue.My financial situation was bad, making it harder for me to perform as usual and to provide my services to prospecting customers. I felt like being on the brink of crashing down, of which it would be very hard to rise back up.

I drove to Jerusalem, to the holy grave of The Rebbe of Zvhill, near the synagogue building. I prayed to God and asked The Tzadik for my salvation, in order to be able to happily keep providing for my family with dignity.

That was on a Monday. Later on I returned to the place twice more, on Thursday and on Monday again, and in the last day I called The Zvhill Institutions Hotline, and donated on the behalf of The Tzadik of Zvhill. I was told over the phone, that on the following day my name will be mentioned with that of the father, Rebbe Shlomo of Zvhill, on Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives). I was joyous, hoping for the best.

In the beginning of the following week, I was contacted by an investor, who previously made a purchase before, and now he remembered me again, asking about further assets in the area. That very same week he bought two expensive assets; two deals which provided me with a meaningful commission! And that was just the beginning!

I feel like something was in my way, and The Tzadik of Zvhill removed that obstacle and opened the sky for my success!

Yaron Tikowlsky

Bet Shemesh