The Gallstones Vanished!

On the eve of LAG BA'OMER my wife suffered extreme stomach pains, making her bent and twist. We rushed to see a physician, who sent us to the emergency room, where my wife was diagnosed with gallstones.Further tests made it clear my wife's situation will not allow a removal so easily, since she also had gall bladder inflammations. In addition, one of the gallstones found its way out the gall bladder, and was the reason for my wife's extreme pain. If we couldn't make it extract itself outside, my wife will require an invasive procedure and a long, difficult hospitalization process.For several days my wife was given pain killers, hoping her situation will be better without anymore medical interference. Suddenly we were told if nothing gets better by tomorrow, there will be no choice but to interfere, and even maybe to perform cholecystectomy.Our sorrow led me to call The Zvhill Institutions, to donate a large sum, and ask the institutions' representatives to pray for my wife, and mention in their prayers The Tzadikim (Righteous) Rebbe Shlomo and Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zvhill.

The next day, during the usual doctors' round, my wife said she's feeling better. In light of that, the doctor asked for another test, before a decision could be made. After the results have arrived, the doctor excitingly told us the gallstones naturally extracted themselves! My wife was obviously released from the hospital in that very same day.

It was very exciting to realize for ourselves the true nature of all the amazing stories of grace, by the great power of The Tzadikim of the Zvhill dynasty, pledging before God for my wife, and indeed – making it a reality.

David Israel

Beitar Elith