Six Daughters and One Shlomo

We are blessed with a big family and thank God for it every day. Six lovely, sweet daughters, which makes us all proud, but in the same time, we all waited for a son, too.

We have done many deeds and tried many charms. We got the blessings of many holy rabbis, and did everything we were told to do. But our heart's desire was not fulfilled.

Last year we saw the special brochure about the Great Tzadik (rightous) Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhill, and of the many salvations he made in his life, and more so after he passed away, by promising benevolence from heaven for all those who assist his institutions.

On his Yahrzeit (death anniversary), my wife and I went to his grave, along with thousands more Israelis on Har Hazeitim (Mount of Olives), asking for one thing – a baby boy. On our way we made two commitments – to partake in The Rebbe's holy institutions, so that he may spread his benevolence on us; and furthermore – we shall name our newborn child after The Holy Rebbe, as known to have happened many times before.

Thank God, after the PURIM (holiday) we had our first son after six daughters. Words cannot express the joy that filled our house, and naturally we named him Shlomo, hoping and praying he will grow in the ways of the Great and Holy Rebbe, after which he's named.

Naftaly Kaysar