Saved by the Vice President

I was working in an organized work place for several years, and all was well. One day I was summoned to my manager, who gave a me 30 day notice and handed me a dismissal note.It took me by complete surprise, and I didn't know what to do. I tried to reverse the sentence in every possible way. I went to the HR manager, begging him for my livelihood, since I'm no longer a young man, and it would be very difficult for me to find a new job. Nevertheless, I was answered with complete dismissal: "there's nothing to discuss; we no longer have a suitable position for you!"My sorrow led me to the holy grave of The Rebbe of Zvhill, buried near the Knesset (Israeli parliament), where I prayed, wept, and begged for a miracle, so that my luck would turn.

Over the next day I suddenly met our Vice President, known as a cold-headed person, who only cares about figures. Since I had nothing to lose, I told him the whole story. His reaction surprised me, his strictness disappeared and he said he didn't understand why they couldn't find me a job in another department, currently looking for candidates. "OK, let me see what can be done", he said – and that was it.

Three weeks gone by. A few days before the end of the month, I called the Zvhill Salvation Hotline, and donated a fixed monthly sum to the Rebbe's Institutions.

The following day, at work, I was summoned to the VP for exactly 11 o'clock, I arrived on time, and was very surprised to meet the HR manager, which was too in a meeting with the VP.

Without any delay, the VP instructed to immediately reinstate me in a different department, in a position which well-fits my abilities. The HR manager was very surprised by this unusual instruction, but of course – I was not. I felt the power of the holy Rebbe surrounding me!

Betzalel K.