Best News of Our Lives!

A month ago, during a regular medical examination, we were told that unfortunately my wife has a rare disease, which only a few survive. The bad news struck us as lightning in a sunny day. The physician wouldn't even let us be for a moment to sink it all in. He immediately offered us the only option available – an expensive, complicated surgery, which was the only chance to ease the agony my wife was soon to suffer, God Almighty.Since that afternoon, our lives completely changed. We were now full of anxiety and fears from what may come to us and our children, unlike the people we used to be up until than – happy, normal, and content family.In the following day we went to our local Rabbi, which encouraged and strengthen us. Before we left he told us about the mighty charm of the Monday-Thursday-Monday (בה"ב) prayer, when mentioning the Rebbe of Zvhill, located near the Supreme Court building, and suggested us to do so.

We went to the grave of The Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe Goldman of Zvhill that very same day, and prayed. While standing there, I saw the representatives of The Zvhill Institutions in Holy Zion, praying for a list of many names. When I asked them what they're doing, they told me about the double-force of the Righteous of Zvhill, about the special Charm of the son, and The Kept Promise of the father, the holy Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhill, which promised help, aid and salvation to all those who donate and contribute to his holy institutions.

We joined as quickly as possible to The Tzadik of Zvhill Institutions, by donating a monthly sum, and kept coming and praying on Mondays and Thursdays, which on each visit I added to the donation.

After a while my wife went to do final examinations prior to the surgery. For some surprising reason, she was asked to repeat the series of last tests. We didn't understand the need for all those tests, until one day we were summoned by the physician, who told us there is no longer a need for surgery!

It turned out that the final tests were inconclusive, and after a series of further tests – it was clear that no surgery is needed, and findings borderlined medical norm! Praise God!

Shalom Hershko