A Match Made in Heaven!

At 25 I was a divorced, and since then did not find my match for almost 7 whole years! Oh, the troubles I've known, trying my best, doing good deeds… still with time the few offers I did get also diminished ever so fast, until I felt this is it – there is no hope for me anymore.A year ago I travelled North, to pray at the graves of holy Rabbis, and also visited a well known Kabbalist and a Tzadim himself. The Kabbalist encouraged my spirit, saying I have no reason to despair, since my salvation is near.The Kabbalist instructed me to visit the grave of The Tzadik Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zvhill (not specifically mentioning Monday, Thursday and Monday – בה"ב). I was uplifted by his words, and the very next Monday I started visiting The Rebbe every Monday and Thursday.

Several months later, I got my salvation in the most amazing way, and my match found me in an almost supernatural manner. Furthermore, only after I found my match, did I realize all the time I waited served me well!

My heart is full of gratitude for The Tzadik of Zvhill who pledged for my salvation. Attached herewith please find my standing order, a donation for his holy institutions. Please keep praying for me on his holy grave, for all blessings and salvations.

Yahel Biron