M-T-M – בה"ב

Monday Thursday & Monday

Thousands behold salvation and miracles

every month by The Holy Rebbes of Zhvill

You Too Can Witness The Miracle


What made a quarter of a million people visit The Holy Grave of The Tzadik of Zhvill?

It all began with a mystery dream.

The late Tzadik Rabbi Pinchas Blank was taken ill one day, and upon falling asleep, in his dream he saw his holy Rabbi, Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, telling him: "why would you not come and pray on my grave? Come to me and behold your salvation!"

The scholar woke up and rushed to do his Rebbe's will. He went to the Sheikh Badr cemetery, near The Knesset (Israeli parliament) in Jerusalem, where resides the Man of God, the Tzadik Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, and immediately afterwards he amazingly recovered from his illness.

Since that day the grave became a focal point for pilgrims, coming to pray and behold amazing salvations, matching and marriage, talisman for pregnancy, livelihood, health, joy of life, etc.

Tens of thousands beheld many salvations. Now it's your turn.

R' Gedalyah Moshe's Grave

R' Gedalyah Moshe's Grave

How and Why can The Tzadik bring Salvation to all those who come to him?

When he resides in this world, The Tzadik can worship God, but upon arrival to the next world he can no longer assist himself.

Therefore The Tzadik leaves behind them institutions of Torah and charity in this world, to continue their path of good deeds and to ascend their souls in the next world.

The Tzadik of Zhvill promised to all who donate and contribute to their holy institutions, to pledge for them in the heavens and bring them salvation.

Help The Tzadik – and He will not forsake you!

For what reason one must mention The Tzadik in prayer on Mondays, Thursdays and Mondays (בה"ב)?

A great and unknown mystery indeed. Mondays and Thursdays are well known in Jewish tradition as days of Great Will (Eis Ratzon), at which many salvations can be ushered.

How come others beheld their salvation while I haven't?

In order for the talisman to work, one must follow the exact instructions of The Tzadik – praying on his grave, along with exercising the great prerogative of donating to the holy institutions of The Tzadik of Zhvill.

What is the secret of this holy place? Why there?

His last place of rest, in an abandoned cemetery near The Knesset of Israel, is indeed a mystery. 50 years ago his students wished to relocate the grave to Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives), near his father's grave; but his son, Rebbe Mordechai, insisted on keeping it untouched, fearing the secret will be disrupted.

Since then all other head stones sunk in the ground, leaving only The Rebbe's grave standing as it was for years and years.

What is the secret of the Holy Coin of the Tzadik of Zhvill?

At the house of Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill – father of Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Blessed Memory – was an amazing drawer, from which he constantly pulled out coins for every poor and needy.

The drawer never seemed to have ran out of coins, and to this day – even after the demise of the Tzadik of Zhvill – the coins still bless all those who receive them.

How is it all those who are mentioned in The Rebbe's holy house, behold a life full of joy and happiness, without a shred of fear?

After building his own house in the midst of The Holy City of Jerusalem, The Tzadik Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill said: "my house is of joyful origin, and whoever resides in it has nothing to fear!"

Since then all names mentioned indoors, along with lighting a candle for them – makes sure they will have a joyous life.

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