ארכיון הקטגוריה: Promise

Six Daughters and One Shlomo

We are blessed with a big family and thank God for it every day. Six lovely, sweet daughters, which makes us all proud, but in the same time, we all waited for a son, too.

We have done many deeds and tried many charms. We got the blessings of many holy rabbis, and did everything we were told to do. But our heart's desire was not fulfilled.

Last year we saw the special brochure about the Great Tzadik (rightous) Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhill, and of the many salvations he made in his life, and more so after he passed away, by promising benevolence from heaven for all those who assist his institutions.

On his Yahrzeit (death anniversary), my wife and I went to his grave, along with thousands more Israelis on Har Hazeitim (Mount of Olives), asking for one thing – a baby boy. On our way we made two commitments – to partake in The Rebbe's holy institutions, so that he may spread his benevolence on us; and furthermore – we shall name our newborn child after The Holy Rebbe, as known to have happened many times before.

Thank God, after the PURIM (holiday) we had our first son after six daughters. Words cannot express the joy that filled our house, and naturally we named him Shlomo, hoping and praying he will grow in the ways of the Great and Holy Rebbe, after which he's named.

Naftaly Kaysar


A Match Made in Heaven!

At 25 I was a divorced, and since then did not find my match for almost 7 whole years! Oh, the troubles I've known, trying my best, doing good deeds… still with time the few offers I did get also diminished ever so fast, until I felt this is it – there is no hope for me anymore.A year ago I travelled North, to pray at the graves of holy Rabbis, and also visited a well known Kabbalist and a Tzadim himself. The Kabbalist encouraged my spirit, saying I have no reason to despair, since my salvation is near.The Kabbalist instructed me to visit the grave of The Tzadik Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zvhill (not specifically mentioning Monday, Thursday and Monday – בה"ב). I was uplifted by his words, and the very next Monday I started visiting The Rebbe every Monday and Thursday.

Several months later, I got my salvation in the most amazing way, and my match found me in an almost supernatural manner. Furthermore, only after I found my match, did I realize all the time I waited served me well!

My heart is full of gratitude for The Tzadik of Zvhill who pledged for my salvation. Attached herewith please find my standing order, a donation for his holy institutions. Please keep praying for me on his holy grave, for all blessings and salvations.

Yahel Biron


Two Deals that Opened the Gate

I own a popular real estate firm. Thank God, we own a very good reputation, and for nearly a decade I'm making a living of it, and manage to support two more employees.But in the last four months, work started to dry out. We had no explanation for it, but we just were not able to execute any deals. Of course as a result of that, I fell into a financial upheaval. The firm's expenses continued to flow: salaries, rent, property tax, and maintenance, and added to that were also my personal, home expenses – with zero revenue.My financial situation was bad, making it harder for me to perform as usual and to provide my services to prospecting customers. I felt like being on the brink of crashing down, of which it would be very hard to rise back up.

I drove to Jerusalem, to the holy grave of The Rebbe of Zvhill, near the synagogue building. I prayed to God and asked The Tzadik for my salvation, in order to be able to happily keep providing for my family with dignity.

That was on a Monday. Later on I returned to the place twice more, on Thursday and on Monday again, and in the last day I called The Zvhill Institutions Hotline, and donated on the behalf of The Tzadik of Zvhill. I was told over the phone, that on the following day my name will be mentioned with that of the father, Rebbe Shlomo of Zvhill, on Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives). I was joyous, hoping for the best.

In the beginning of the following week, I was contacted by an investor, who previously made a purchase before, and now he remembered me again, asking about further assets in the area. That very same week he bought two expensive assets; two deals which provided me with a meaningful commission! And that was just the beginning!

I feel like something was in my way, and The Tzadik of Zvhill removed that obstacle and opened the sky for my success!

Yaron Tikowlsky

Bet Shemesh


Believe and Thou Shall Not Be Disappointed

I would like to share my daughter's story, a student who visits the grave of The Tzadik of Zvhill before every semester, where she donates to the Rebbe's holy institutions, and prays for good grades, C+ at least. To this day, all of her exams were graded above C+, just like she's asking for.

During the last semester, one of her exams was graded C-, which highly troubled her. But in the very same day she told me: "I prayed at The holy Rebbe and he promised to be there for me. I'm sure he will help me. He has yet to fail me."

To be honest, I was troubled by the fact my daughter was about to appeal her low grade, but she was determined that if the Rebbe promised to help her – she will get exactly what she asked him for.

I was no match for her confidence, and she did file an appeal. To my amazement it was approved, and her exam grade was changed to B.

That day I saw how powerful indeed is the belief in God and in Tzadikim.

Shira Paz


The Gallstones Vanished!

On the eve of LAG BA'OMER my wife suffered extreme stomach pains, making her bent and twist. We rushed to see a physician, who sent us to the emergency room, where my wife was diagnosed with gallstones.Further tests made it clear my wife's situation will not allow a removal so easily, since she also had gall bladder inflammations. In addition, one of the gallstones found its way out the gall bladder, and was the reason for my wife's extreme pain. If we couldn't make it extract itself outside, my wife will require an invasive procedure and a long, difficult hospitalization process.For several days my wife was given pain killers, hoping her situation will be better without anymore medical interference. Suddenly we were told if nothing gets better by tomorrow, there will be no choice but to interfere, and even maybe to perform cholecystectomy.Our sorrow led me to call The Zvhill Institutions, to donate a large sum, and ask the institutions' representatives to pray for my wife, and mention in their prayers The Tzadikim (Righteous) Rebbe Shlomo and Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe of Zvhill.

The next day, during the usual doctors' round, my wife said she's feeling better. In light of that, the doctor asked for another test, before a decision could be made. After the results have arrived, the doctor excitingly told us the gallstones naturally extracted themselves! My wife was obviously released from the hospital in that very same day.

It was very exciting to realize for ourselves the true nature of all the amazing stories of grace, by the great power of The Tzadikim of the Zvhill dynasty, pledging before God for my wife, and indeed – making it a reality.

David Israel

Beitar Elith

Amazing Grace in Two Days!

I'm writing this letter on a Wednesday evening, asking to publish it as soon as possible, for I gave my word on that.Tonight we celebrate my 28 year-old son's engagement to his beloved!Long have we waited and expected this joyous day. Our son is a good, smart, delicate and good-hearted man, and there was no obvious reason why his true zivug (soul mate) was denied from him. It is very hard to describe what we went through during these last years – the inquiries, the frustrations, the awful silence, and eventually the embarrassing offers that began to come. And if that wasn't enough of a heartache, three more of our children were yet to build their own families after him… our hearts couldn't bear such pain.

During the last Saturday, the synagogue Rabbi spoke of the mighty power of Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhill, in honor of his Yahrzeit (death anniversary). Amongst other things, he mentioned that The Rebbe's power lives among us still, with his explicit promise to help all those who contribute to his institutions.

I did not hesitate for a second, and the day before yesterday, during the Yahrzeit, I went to Har Hazeitim (the Mount of Olives) in Jerusalem, where I finished the entire Tehilim (Psalms). On my way back I approached the holy Rebbe's institutions office, and signed for a fixed donation, promising to double the donation upon my salvation.

I know it sounds crazy, but we currently are two days after the Yahrzeit, a few hours before the Vort (engagement party), upon my son's engagement to his bride, which although offered long ago, the match wasn't realized until now.

Tonight we celebrate the light in our lives, thanks to the divine holy Rebbe!

Benny Rozen

Israel center area

Saved by the Vice President

I was working in an organized work place for several years, and all was well. One day I was summoned to my manager, who gave a me 30 day notice and handed me a dismissal note.It took me by complete surprise, and I didn't know what to do. I tried to reverse the sentence in every possible way. I went to the HR manager, begging him for my livelihood, since I'm no longer a young man, and it would be very difficult for me to find a new job. Nevertheless, I was answered with complete dismissal: "there's nothing to discuss; we no longer have a suitable position for you!"My sorrow led me to the holy grave of The Rebbe of Zvhill, buried near the Knesset (Israeli parliament), where I prayed, wept, and begged for a miracle, so that my luck would turn.

Over the next day I suddenly met our Vice President, known as a cold-headed person, who only cares about figures. Since I had nothing to lose, I told him the whole story. His reaction surprised me, his strictness disappeared and he said he didn't understand why they couldn't find me a job in another department, currently looking for candidates. "OK, let me see what can be done", he said – and that was it.

Three weeks gone by. A few days before the end of the month, I called the Zvhill Salvation Hotline, and donated a fixed monthly sum to the Rebbe's Institutions.

The following day, at work, I was summoned to the VP for exactly 11 o'clock, I arrived on time, and was very surprised to meet the HR manager, which was too in a meeting with the VP.

Without any delay, the VP instructed to immediately reinstate me in a different department, in a position which well-fits my abilities. The HR manager was very surprised by this unusual instruction, but of course – I was not. I felt the power of the holy Rebbe surrounding me!

Betzalel K.


Best News of Our Lives!

A month ago, during a regular medical examination, we were told that unfortunately my wife has a rare disease, which only a few survive. The bad news struck us as lightning in a sunny day. The physician wouldn't even let us be for a moment to sink it all in. He immediately offered us the only option available – an expensive, complicated surgery, which was the only chance to ease the agony my wife was soon to suffer, God Almighty.Since that afternoon, our lives completely changed. We were now full of anxiety and fears from what may come to us and our children, unlike the people we used to be up until than – happy, normal, and content family.In the following day we went to our local Rabbi, which encouraged and strengthen us. Before we left he told us about the mighty charm of the Monday-Thursday-Monday (בה"ב) prayer, when mentioning the Rebbe of Zvhill, located near the Supreme Court building, and suggested us to do so.

We went to the grave of The Rebbe Gedalyah Moshe Goldman of Zvhill that very same day, and prayed. While standing there, I saw the representatives of The Zvhill Institutions in Holy Zion, praying for a list of many names. When I asked them what they're doing, they told me about the double-force of the Righteous of Zvhill, about the special Charm of the son, and The Kept Promise of the father, the holy Rebbe Shlomke of Zvhill, which promised help, aid and salvation to all those who donate and contribute to his holy institutions.

We joined as quickly as possible to The Tzadik of Zvhill Institutions, by donating a monthly sum, and kept coming and praying on Mondays and Thursdays, which on each visit I added to the donation.

After a while my wife went to do final examinations prior to the surgery. For some surprising reason, she was asked to repeat the series of last tests. We didn't understand the need for all those tests, until one day we were summoned by the physician, who told us there is no longer a need for surgery!

It turned out that the final tests were inconclusive, and after a series of further tests – it was clear that no surgery is needed, and findings borderlined medical norm! Praise God!

Shalom Hershko