The Fire That Shines 250 Years

The mere name of Zhvill is enough to shiver the hearts of all men.

The Maggid of Zlotchov

Rebbe Moshe of Zhvill, 1st Gen.

Rebbe Yechiel Michal of Zhvill, 2nd Gen.

Rebbe Mordechai [1st] of Zhvill, 3rd Gen.

Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, 4th Gen.

Rebbe Gedalyahu Moshe of Zhvill, 5th Gen.

Rebbe Mordechai [2nd] of Zhvill, 6th Gen.

Rebbe Avraham of Zhvill – 'Or Avraham', 7th Gen.

The current Admor, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, shlit"a

The Dynastic Father, The Maggid of Zlotchov, zy"a

The glorious dynasty of the House of Zhvill has long been deeply rooted in the garden of our Rebbe, The holy Baal Shem Tov, zy"a. The special virtues of The BeShT guided him where ever he went – truth and humility.

One of the most sublime and well known issues between the Rebbe and his great student was the sacred prayer of "Hisorerus Rachamim Rabim", written by The Holy Maggid of Zlotchov, which the Baal Shem Tov was very fond of.

He instructed his students to sing that melody in the time of his passing, and promised that every man singing it in great repent – he himself will join from above, asking mercy for him, before God.

All Gedolim (great scholars) in his time were trembling at his mere name. His students were genius holy men, and with loyalty, kept his ways. During Shabbat Kodesh of Parashat Nitzavim and Va'Yelech, he passed away – 25th of Elul, 5545.

Rebbe Shlomo Goldman of Zhvill

Shlomo Goldman of Zhvill


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Moshe of Zhvill, zy"a – 1st Generation of the Golden Dynasty

The Maggid had five sons; each was a great light of Yiddishkeit (Judaism). Rebbe Moshe was very humble and straight-forward, honest and a true Tzadik (righteous man). He passed away in 10th of Iyar, 5597, and upon his grave was written: "And so died Moshe, the servant of god".


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Yechiel Michal of Zhvill, zy"a – 2nd Generation of the Golden Dynasty

Rebbi Yechiel Michal excelled in his melodies, too. His inner passion, warmth and simplicity were an inseparable part of him, and made his character. He passed away in 12th of Tishrei, 5616, and his soul ascended for everlasting keeping.


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Mordechai [1st] of Zhvill, zy"a – 3rd Generation of the Golden Dynasty

Rabbi Mordechai was an exalted genius of Torah, with a keen mind and an exceptional ability to concentrate. Along with his mighty erudition, Rabbi Mordechai was characterized by a kind approach and friendliness to all those who came under his roof, many of them with broken souls and minds.
It was commonly known whoever entered the house of the righteous Rabbi Mordechai, zy"a, with a gloomy face – came out with a glowing, joyful and merry expression. He was a living proof that the Holy Spirit did not forsake the holy dynasty of Zhvill, for 72 generations. A truthful man with great humility, he passed away in the 15th of Tishrei, 5661, at the age of 77.

R' Gedalyah Moshe's Grave

R' Gedalyah Moshe's Grave


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill – 4th Generation of the Golden Dynasty – Founder of the Zhvill Institutions in the Holy Land

Rebbe Shlomke reined the city of Zhvill for 25 years, after which he decided to make an Aliyah (immigration) to the holy land of Israel.

A few moments before his ship docked in Jaffa port, the righteous R' Shlomke turned to his only grandson, who came with him, and said: "I hereby toss away the robe of Rebbes. Do not share my true identity with anyone here."

For three whole years Rebbe Shlomke managed to keep his identity a secret, living in Jerusalem as one of the commoners. Until one day a visitor of Zhvill came to the Holy Land, and trembled to behold the holy Tzadik of Zhvill, living as one of the common people.

That very day the Jews of the Holy Land found the Man of God living among them, and since that day Rebbe Shlomke became the address for all the oppressed and disenfranchised, who came from all corners of the land, to be given salvation and mercy.

The Gedolay Yisroal (great scholars of Israel) said about the owner of the Holy Spirit, that his answers originated in higher, hidden place. His answers came after purifying himself in a Mikveh, or after reading in the Zohar Hakodesh or Tehilim (Psalms). He built a house of charity and salvation, where he worshiped the creator in great devotion.

About his house he said "my house emanates safety"; "my house is of joyful origin; whoever resides in it has nothing to fear". Many donors and others who seek salvation, come to the righteous' home, light a candle to his ascension, and draw a bounty of joy and special blessing, keeping them safe from sorrow and harm's way.

Founder of Torah and Charity Institutions in the Holy Land

Founded the Bet Mordechai Institutions, in which many scholars study to this day. In addition to his many deeds in honor of the Torah, the Tzadik did many deeds of charity and benevolence, helping all the poor of Jerusalem.

The Wonder Drawer

The most famous drawer in Jerusalem is the well known wonder drawer called 'The Angels' Drawer'. It was an amazing drawer in the house of the Tzadik Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, zy"a, from which he constantly pulled out coins for every poor and needy – for protection, blessing and success. The more coins he gave, the more the drawer never seemed to have run out of coins.

The coins continue to endow salvation still, even after the demise of the Tzadik of Zhvill. All those who fulfill his request, can rejoice with coins originated from that wonder drawer. There are hundreds of amazing stories of salvation, of people who had great success in their private lives, love, fertility, livelihood and business – all originated after they got the 'holy coin of the wonder drawer' of the Tzadik of Zhvill.

The Kept Promise

Before Rebbe Shlomke passed away from this good earth, he made an amazing promise, as follows: "I shall endow goodness in this world and in the next one, for all those who will aid my institutions."

Rebbe Shlomke's promises were never broken; being a righteous man, his power was even greater in death than in life, and that very same promise beheld glorious salvations for thousands and tens of thousands worldwide, in all aspects of life.

All his life surrounded the Yeshiva and holy institutions, where he submerged all of his efforts, as he said of himself "my heart, desire and will – are all meant for the Yeshiva". Nothing was needed for himself, and that was his life's work, which maintains his promise for all times.

On the 26th of Iyar, 5705 – at the 41st day of Sfiras Haomar (the Counting of the Omer) – the great light was extinguished, and a veil of mourning went down on Jerusalem.


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Gedalyahu Moshe of Zhvill, zy"a – 5th Generation of the Golden Dynasty

Rebbe Gedalyahu Moshe of Zhvill took his father's place, and continued to endow salvations for the sake of Israel. He loved Klal Yisroel with all his heart, was a real Torah genius of great stature, and proclaimed Rabbi at a very young age. He was known in his devotion for all things sacred, and took it upon himself to personally help many widows and orphans. Like his forefathers, he was of humble and simple conduct.

In the year 5705, after many pleadings to ensure his father's legacy will not vanish, he accepted the crown of leadership. The tribulations of his fellow man broke his heart, and in less than five years – at the 24th of Cheshvan, 5710 – he passed away.


Monday-Thursday-Monday (בה"ב) – The Fountain of Salvation

After his passing, became known the great Segulah (talisman) of the 'Monday Thursday Monday' (בה"ב) prayer on his grave. Every Monday and Thursday thousands from across the country – orthodox, secular, Chassidim and Misnagdim – donate to the Tzadiks' holy institutions, pray and then come back to thank God for the salvation they were endowed with.

It all began with a mysterious dream. The Tzadik Rabbi Pinchas Blank, zt"l, was taken ill one day. When he fell asleep, in his dream he saw his holy Rabbi, Rebbe Gedalyahu Moshe of Zhvill, zy"a, who told him: "Why do you not pray over my grave? Come to me and behold salvation!"

The loyal student woke up and rushed to do his Rabbi's will. He came to Sheikh Badr cemetery, close to the Israeli parliament building in Jerusalem, were the man of God lies. He was miraculously healed immediately afterwards, and since that day the grave was a place of pilgrimage. Many visit the grave to pray, and quickly witnessed amazing miracles in love, fertility, livelihood, health, joy, etc.

The Monday-Thursday-Monday talisman is indeed a hidden, unknown secret. Mondays and Thursdays are well known in Judaism as days of 'Eis Ratzon' (Times of good will), in which salvation can be endowed. In death more than in life, the powerful combination of both these special days and of praying over his grave, endows complete salvation for thousands of people, for many years.

The talisman best works when done in accordance with the Tzadiks' will. During his whole life, the Tzadik Rebbe Gedalyahu Moshe of Zhvill, zy"a, called upon all to aid the holy institutions founded by his father, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, zy"a. Upon praying over his grave and aiding the holy institutions – the holy promise is very much alive.

In addition to this great privilege, all those who keep the Tzadiks' request and donate to the institutions, earn yet another exalted, special prerogative when the Yeshiva students of the Tzadik of Zhvill mention their names in prayer, with their special requests. The great privilege of both father and son, zy"a, endow miracles.

Prayers at the Grave

Prayers at the Grave


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Mordechai [2nd] of Zhvill – 6th Generation of the Golden Dynasty

Rebbe Mordechai – author of the 'Yikra Demalka' book – was the favored grandson of Rebbe Shlomo, zy"a, and had the privilege of accompanying his grandfather in his trip to the land of Israel.

Upon accepting leadership in the year of 5710, his primary holy goal was to glorify the ancient heritage of the House of Zhvill. In accordance to that purpose, he did many deeds of Torah and charity in the ways of Zhvill, and built the magnificent building of the Holy Institutions, proudly erected near the humble home of his grandfather, Rebbe Shlomo, zy"a.

Under his guidance and with his inspiration, started a great period of success at the Zhvill institutions, with all their branches: the great Yeshiva "Bet Mordechai", founded by his grandfather; the youth organizations; Kollels for Yeshiva students; the teaching institute; the charity and benefit societies, and the publishing and manuscripts institute.

He passed away in the 28th of Shvat, 5739.


Our Holy Rabbi, Rebbe Avraham of Zhvill, zy"a – author of 'Or Avraham' – 7th Generation of the Golden Dynasty

Under his humble leadership, so typically characterizing the Holy Dynasty, Rebbe Avraham vigorously kept developing the institutions of Torah and charity. He was a sympathetic ear to hundreds of Yeshiva students, and thousands more came to him for advice, blessing and salvation. He, too, was grown at the feet of his holy grandfather, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, and had extraordinary faith – which was the secret of his success.

On the 12th of Tevet, 5770, his candle was extinguished and his soul went to the heavens in a storm.


The Golden Dynasty Successor – 8th Generation The Righteous Rabbi, Rebbe Shlomo of Zhvill, shlit"a

You too can connect to The Tzadikim of Zhvill!

We too can enjoy a direct connection with The Tzadikim of Zhvill and with Providence, by becoming partners in the holy institutions of the House of Zhvill, operating to this day under the presidency of His Holiness, Maran Admo"r shlit"a. By doing so you shall be endowed with glorious salvation, and enjoy an everlasting privilege in this world and in the next one, exactly as the Tzadik promised.

Be blessed and salvaged.

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